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Going Organic

Going Green & Organic was always at the top of our list when we were opening our first shop. While we were building the shop using recyclable materials,  recycled bricks, organic paint, recycled glass work tops, lad light bulbs and many many other things, we were also searching very hard for the best Organic Ingredients that we could find.

With all the obvious benefits from Organic food like chemical free, pesticides free, animals got to have a normal life sycle and many other benefits,  it also brings huge environmental benefits and overall impact in a daily life style.

When some pizza chains boost about bringing all their ingredients from Italy…we are so proud to be a UK based company supporting English farmers and sourcing most of our ingredients locally!!! We are eco friendly company and we believe that business has to be done with the planet in mind, it took us a long time but we did  it! Our beautiful creamy mozzarella  doesn’t come all the way from Italy, but comes from our very own miro siary in theheart pf Sommerset where we make our own mozzarella using milk from small local farms. We are using the finest English  flour made in  an old traditional mill in Essex. Our finest of organic meat, sausages and chicken comes from a lovely butcher called Mike whos farm is based in Highlands!

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