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Organica Pizza was created out of the big passion for good and healthy food. We have now been open for 7 years and opened our second shop in Camden 2 years ago. The concept is quit simple—providing good healthy organic alternative to greasy conveyor food and changing the concept of delivery and take away business from “fast food” to “slow food”.

At the core of our business is love- we are strong believers that if you put a little bit of love in everything you do, it will make a huge difference! We never stop boosting about the importance of eating healthy, and we are a living prove that pizzas also can be light and healthy!

Our main ingredients like flour, mozzarella, chicken, ham and other meats are organic, and that what makes our pizza taste light and healthy!

Not only do we use organic ingredients we also make all the ingredients on site, instead of buying them in big packs from wholesaler. We roast our chicken, we caramelize our red onions, all our Pesto and sauces are home made, all the veg are grilled and roasted by our chefs…lasagnas, arancini, salads, meatballs-every single thing is freshly hand made on daily basis!!!

Our dear Maestro Elia Taverneze and the chefs Filipp Cia, Fabio Errante and Sandro make sure that every pizza we send out is special! Every-Single-One!!!
We are eager to grow and expand but we want to do it without harming our company values and our most important assets, which is, our clients!

Only last year we have opened our very own micro diary where we make our very own mozzarella cheese. We source milk locally from small farms arund Sommesret and make mozzarella fresh then deliv it to our shops. Cantget freshier than that! Once again proving that using local is the only way forward!

Customer service is at the heart of our business …we care for all the allergies and customize pizzas to individual needs…cheese allergies, gluten intolerance,  tomato allergies we got all of it covered - just mention it to us on the phone! We also do absolutely delicious gluten free pizza option and maybe the only pizza company in UK that does soya base option, which contains 40% less carbs and double the protein! Perfect for gym fanatics!


Every menu states that all our pizzas are made to order from scratch and with  lots of love – and love is what we put in to our work!

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Organica Pizza
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